-What you didn’t know about Internet Explorer-

Internet Explorer and AOL Security Breach

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that a major security flaw was discovered in ALL versions of Internet Explorer.  The security breach has taken the attention of the DHS.  The DHS issued a warning for everyone to aviod using Internet Explorer until Microsoft fixes the problem.  There is current evidence showing hackers are using this bug to take control of people’s computers when they visit certain websites.

Ways to stay secured:

PC Professionals recommends using Firefox or Google Chrome as an alternative web browser.  Even if this security risk didn’t pose a threat, we would still recommend Firefox or Google Chrome over Internet Explorer.  These browsers are faster and more secure.

When you see that Windows Updates have updates available, make sure you install them immediately.

As you know, April 8, 2014 Windows XP is now end of life.  If you are accessing the internet, understand you are at extreme risk for virus and spyware problems since the security issues like this wont be fixed for Windows XP.

AOL also issued a security breach and is stressing anyone using AOL email to change their password right away.

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