Watch out for FAKE Microsoft Audit Scams!

A client of mine got an email from “Microsoft” asking them to perform a self audit on all their Microsoft Licensing. It came with Microsoft header, from a address and was pressuring them into completing an audit and upload their licenses to a site where they can “assist” in helping them be compliant.

After my client did not respond, they got a phone call from Microsoft in (New Zealand) not the USA. At that point, they handed it over to me and I dug into researching everything. I found the they are NOT Microsoft, but a Partner (so they said), the site does not belong to Microsoft. I found a video on youtube demoing their “fake audit site” and figured out this was the scam. Upload the data, make money for Microsoft from company being told they are not compliant and make money for this “partner” monthly for mining all the license data. This is not good business! Shame on the both of them for letting this happen. I have filed a complaint with Microsoft with little faith I will hear anything back.

Click image to see full screen.

Looks real, but it’s all FAKE.